Thursday, April 17, 2008

Images Reign Over Consciousness.

Our entire planet is ruled by images already established in the mind. Whatever you hope to be, whoever you think you are, wherever you feel you must go, all of it is image based. Self-growth is image based, fixing self-perceived problems is image based, your saviors, saints, and gurus are all image based. There is nothing outside of the image as far as one's life is concerned. Everything you do is for the sake of the image you have of yourself. Images lie at the beginning and end of every endeavor. In fact, there can be no destination without an image, for it is the image that you arrive at, nothing more. Those among us who peddle freedom, truth, and understanding are selling images, for they are none other than the fulfillment of an image themselves. An image is but a fixed representation of a mistaken aspect of living. It is static, dead, defined, and always known, either by you or another. Like a snapshot of life, it holds nothing within it but a picture, empty and utterly meaningless except for whatever fancy you invest in it. How could you possibly compare a photo with the life it represents? For it is only a petty mind that settles for images, denying the reality before it.

Images are the building blocks of our manifested lives. Images give us structure, boundaries, rules, and limitation. Images define reality for us and give meaning to all form. A human being grows up with the sole purpose of becoming the image they desire. Through the gauntlet of like and dislike images form which we cling to as our own sense of being and from which we repeatedly re-create in the hopes that others will recognize them in a similar fashion and know that we are what we say we are, at all times. Images are the habitual survival grooves of the mind and these grooves are formed with the energy of near constant resistance. One must resist the natural flow of energy, in any given moment, in order to assure their reaction meets the image they desire to have manifest. In other words, the image is how you wish the world will see you. The image is how you wish the world will receive you, think about you, feel about you, remember you, and know you. The image is a complete sham and utter waste of living. And yet, everyone is striving to be the image they imagine they are, or want to be. EVERYONE. Your books, when they define for you 'who you are' or 'who you are not', are image based. Your books, when they tell you about God, truth, love, compassion, success, morality, or what have you, are image based. Your Pope Benedict, Dalai Lama, Jesus Christ, Eckhart Tolle, or whoever, are all image based. All information passing between us, along with all the people peddling it, are all the results of image-training, of perfecting the image, of creating stand-ins for a living, breathing, dynamic reality unknown to the mind caught in image-making and it's maintenance.

And every image holds to the same basic demands. Every image must be recognizable to others. In other words, you will not believe someone is telling you the truth unless you believe they are trust-worthy. How do you determine whether an individual is trust-worthy? You compare them to the image you have of being trust-worthy. If they pass the test, you trust them and believe what they say to be true. But are they trust-worthy or have they not just become an image of being trust-worthy? Or rather, is there such thing as being trust-worthy or is it only an image, representing no actual reality other than the idea of its own making? Just like taking certain vows, which many religions demand of serious followers, does not deliver you any closer to God, only closer to the image of one capable of knowing God, which is not an actual state but only the image of an imagined one. What a joke!! Everything, everywhere operates in this same fashion. Image-making is the FABRIC from which each and every life is cut. We comprehend the world around us, and within us, because both are entirely image-based and therefore self-created. Can you comprehend a mind free of image-making? Of course not, it would only be an image. But you are capable of observing the process of image-making. And mind you, what has been shared here is but a shallow reflection, a faint calling out from the wild. For if images are dead, then knowledge is dead, and if knowledge is dead then all those offering you a solution or destination are only leading you to the graveyard. There is no use in following anyone. Observe yourself from the only vantage point you have, your own.