Friday, April 4, 2008

The Root Of All Suffering, Part 1.

As observed from a certain perspective, everything the human being is currently doing in order to be happy, to help others, to save the environment, to be secure, and comfortable is a complete and utter waste of energy. For until the human being faces what lies within the field of their very own consciousness, all of our actions simply sow the seed of our own suffering. This "current of time-bound existence" is the root cause of all disorder, both within and without, and trying to solve or fix this disorder through any other means than honestly and openly reflecting upon it within one's own sphere of influence and awareness is utterly disastrous. Wherever one looks, throughout every aspect of our lives, humanity is locked in a bitter race against time, with all of our suffering, from the greatest collective calamities to the smallest personal affairs, taking place within the confines of time and subject to it's precarious mercy. It is this current of time that forms the fundamental framework of our existence. It creates the rigid structure of one's life, channeling attention through a narrow passage of 'me' and 'mine,' and converting most of our energy into the consuming movement of self-interest. Self-interest refers to the concern I have in the individual that's progressing through time, in other words, 'my' concern with the image of 'myself'. With this ever-increasing weight of self-interest my perception and, therefore, experience of the world, those living within it, and even myself is distorted. Everything appears broken apart and isolated; not only out there, but within me as well.

Perceiving life in this manner creates a neurotic attachment to the fragments considered 'mine' and the attempt to piece together and maintain a coherent whole. Ever since birth, each day that passes demands more and more energy and attention to be directed towards this progression of self-interest. Survival of the physical body morphs into something almost entirely conceptually based. And since I, the individual, have known nothing aside from this current of time-bound existence, it seems as if I accept my destiny of selfishly progressing through it. I compete everyday with all those I know and see around me in the hopes of fulfilling my own hidden, self-centered motives, image and desires. What serves my interests is considered good, what doesn't, bad. And these labels can change almost instantly. From childhood, up to an adult, this burden is learned, accepted, and added to. Each of us demands, through the society we create, that one another agree to participate in self-centeredness to the point where life is reduced to little else. And if we multiply this personal phenomenon by several billion we get a snapshot of our world today, the complex web of isolating need, fragmentation, secret loneliness and mounting sorrow of so many self-absorbed individuals. And yet instead of falling into despair, or running into fantasy, can each of us, if we are interested in such matters, ask the question,'can this current of time-bound existence ever come to an end?' For accompanying the ending of time is the ending of human suffering as we know it.

So, is it possible? Now, the understanding of this time-bound current, and the possibility of its ending, is not some spiritual, religious, political, or environmental issue. It isn't a fringe idea, a new social order, or the latest belief system. It cannot be institutionalized or compartmentalized as a sub-culture and ignored. The ending of this time-bound existence is a global-wide human issue demanding a practical, and utterly functional, approach. An issue and approach that every human being alive today would be capable of imparting upon, for each of us must address human suffering in our own lives if there is to be a future for humanity on this marvelous Earth. All that is required for the understanding of the issue at hand already exists within the landscape of our very own consciousness. Each of us has the capacity to be passively aware of the movement of time as it flows through, and between, each one of us for it is the movement of time that incorporates the image of myself with the world I believe to be around me.

It is my intention to discover the validity of this statement in a shared environment of cooperating individuals. In this manner, each of us may perceive the truth, or falseness, of what we perceive for ourselves, therefore, remaining free of all external authority, personal delusion, or need for interpretation. In keeping with this intention, I maintain Compassionate Council in order to ruthlessly expose this current of time-bound existence as it flows through myself, and out into the world, for our mutual observation and investigation. The only question we cannot explore together is whether you are willing to join me in this dynamic investigation into consciousness?