Saturday, July 25, 2009

Accumulation is the Movment of Becoming: Part 2.

So we were saying the other day, that no matter what is being accumulated in one’s life, and in whatever dimension that accumulation is taking place, the fundamental movement is of memory, images and associated words being remembered, added too, and organized in a coherent matter as to be retrieved when needed. The manner in which memory is organized lends itself to creating a sense of continuity as well. This aspect of continuity has more to do with the associated words then the images, remembered or imagined, held in memory. For the brain is recording all the time, images, experiences, imaginings, etc. but it is the words being associated with the recording that creates continuity, and with continuity comes the ability to access that which is recorded, no matter when it was recorded, because all of memory, active memory, is linked, interconnected through the word and the continuity the word creates.

Think about trying to locate one frame of a two-hour film; one frame, frozen in time, for example a scene of a sunset with two lovers holding hands. Without the storyline, without the sense of continuity the word creates in one's mind it would be extremely difficult to locate because all frames of the film would have little to no coherent relationship, even when previously watched from beginning to end. But with the storyline remembered, due to one's ability to associate words with images, one can follow the thread of continuity through the images remembered and come to find the particular frame desired. Of course, it is all one movement, one doesn’t exist in our mind without the other, and so the example is just used to highlight the intimate relationship of image and word. For one will never find the image without the word, and vice-versa, when it comes to the healthy functioning of memory, accumulation and continuity.

But, as I am sure you are aware of by now, as we observe the fundamental movement of accumulation, as we have been doing together, one sees how many aspects of life, that most of us commonly consider to be separate, independent movements, functions, or abilities of the individual are actually found to be one in the same movement. I am referring to the fact that accumulated memory gives birth to associative thought. And it is thought that creates a sense of continuity, that is a sense of time, which we will go into later. And we have seen how the image held in the mind as memory and the word associated with the image cannot be separated, they are bound in the same movement.

But that is not the end of it, this movement also includes feeling/emotion. For it is only through the ability to recognize, which springs into existence due to continuity, that one can therefore feel an emotion. Of course, we are not talking about needing the continuity of memory to feel fire burning your hand when you place it over the stove. We are talking about needing the continuity of memory in order to know, recognize, and react emotionally to that which the continuity of memory, itself, has given life to, mainly oneself and the life one leads, including the desires and objects of accumulation one has or is pursuing. And so through observing the fundamental movement of accumulation we are beginning to come to how the person, the individual one takes oneself to be, is intimately wound up in the complex content which flowers from the continual movement of accumulation.