Monday, July 27, 2009

Accumulation is the Movment of Becoming: Part 3.

We began this investigation into the movement of accumulation by seeing it in terms of something accumulated, in whatever dimension that thing may abide. And yet through observing the fundamental movement of accumulation more closely we have come upon the fact that the very individual one takes themselves to be is also the result of this very same movement of accumulation. And this to is universal, meaning, every human being on this planet, today, and all the days past, with a healthy functioning brain, derives their sense of being an individual from the very same fundamental movement of accumulation you are capable of being intimately aware of right now.

However, at this point in our investigation, even the individual one takes themselves to be is but part of the complex content that flowers from this fundamental movement of accumulation and therefore not of our immediate interest. It does bring to light, however, another aspect of this movement one needs to be aware of, and that is of the body. One’s physical body obviously plays a fundamental role in the life and vitality of the accumulating movement. Memory is a function of the physical brain, thought, being born of memory, and feeling, take the physical body to be there central focal point and therefore dictate, to a great extent, the body’s movements, expression, needs, desires, goals, purpose, etc. The body is also the central image held in one’s mind, memory, around which the associated storyline of continuity takes shape and is maintained. It is primarily the physical body, and the image held of it in the mind, that allows identification to take place and it is identification with the image created of the body, remembered or imagined, which gives continuity its strength.

Also, because the physical body is the sensing organism, with many subtle chemical, neurophysiological, and tactile relationships existing within it, a powerful connection is formed and maintained between thought, feeling, and the subtler aspects of the body, none of which exist, or can function, without the other. It should almost go without saying that the physical body is a fundamental aspect of the accumulating movement, but that is often part of the difficulty of observing something very complex in the simplest of ways. Some things are so obvious, so basic that they seemingly disappear from view. However, this is part of our responsibility as we examine the fundamental movement of accumulation together, to keep all aspects of this movement in plain view so that the significance of the entire movement can be observed directly and intimately understood.

Why is this of utmost importance? Because, for one thing, it seems to me, at least in terms of what we are inquiring into here, that whenever one or more aspects of this movement are not seen, and therefore understood to be a part of the very same accumulating movement that is actually observed, the unseen aspects are thought to be separate from the movement. They are thought to exist as separate, independent functions and therefore having no active relationship with aspects of the accumulating movement one may be aware of in any given moment. Not only that, but when there is a ‘missing link’ in the movement, an aspect unseen, any sort of delusion of mind can step in to patch the link up. In other words, thought simply tells you what is missing and why. And this is a potentially huge problem, for when one begins to rely on being told what is instead of directly observing what is there is space created for delusion to set in. Which brings us naturally to the role of perception in the movement of accumulation...