Thursday, July 9, 2009

So Few Are Truly Interested...That´s The Beauty.

I have come to realize that most people are honestly not interested in matters of the ´self.´ And, today, that seems only logical. Why would anyone be interested in knowing that what they have grown to consider themselves is nothing other than a process, a movement of mind, and being so, lacks total intrinsic value and substance? It is only logical that very few people would take the time and energy to consider such realities, such truth, for truth undermines absolutely everything one has put together, identified with, and found security in.

We live in, and share a world, where the secure, the powerful, the comfortable, the privileged, and therefore all those left scrambling for survival, depend upon a total denial of the absence of self. Society, culture, civilization is built upon the foundation of self, the foundation of an individual me, and no one dares to question the validity of this foundation. Religion and spirituality have been born, and continue to flourish, out of the desire to know the truth while refusing to give up on the need to maintain and continually progress as a separate self, which in turn, denies the truth sought after, always. Even, and of course, the spirituality surrounding the belief of no-self, non-duality, etc. People may acquire knowledge concerning the absence of self, but this knowledge is the very movement of self, and therefore, utterly denied in regards to what is true.

Who dares to question belief, God, thought, consciousness, self...and find out what these words signify, if anything at all? And why would someone do so, for there is no person, community, company, organization, country, or place on earth that will acknowledge what you discover. There is no reward to be had, here on earth or in someone´s heaven. Truth has no value in the marketplace nor any beneficial attribute in relationship. It takes everything from you and gives you nothing in return. Why on earth would there be more then a handful of people interested in such matters at any given time? Which reminds me, I´m not sure how they are related, but truth and beauty are always found lying together.