Friday, July 10, 2009

Thought Creates Time Part 2- The Beauty of Truth.

So what does one say to the question posed a few days ago of whether or not there is the psychological progression of an individual through time? Again, tying in several of the posts written recently, one has to ask the question, first and foremost, who, and or what, is the individual progressing? The question of time will come in later.
First of all, keeping in mind that most people simply do not care to look carefully, and with their full attention, at such matters, can you and I honestly ponder together the complex phenomenon of life with humble eyes? Eyes that are not hardened and restricted through years of acquiring knowledge and unconsciously assimilating belief into one´s perception? Eyes that do not come to vague conclusions or take the described form of something as it´s reality? Because I think with such eyes one can come to the truth of complex, and often misunderstood perceptions, with an ease and without conflict or opposition to what is seen.

And so with these eyes, can you and I turn our attention to the individual we take ourselves to be? Keeping in mind, we are not interested in the particular content, of our lives or minds. For we know this content inevitably distinguishes you from me, your experiences, your culture, your learned background, or your conditioning. So, if we put that content aside, we find ourselves solely interested in whether or not such a movement is taking place within each of us, and if so, whether or not it is fundamentally the same throughout consciousness as a whole. That is, is the movement of mind that expresses itself, in and through our physical bodies, as recorded experience, acquired knowledge, conditioning, thought, culture, comparison, measurement, etc. the exact same movement within each of us? If so, isn´t this movement therefore creating a sense of an individual self in each of us solely due to the fact that what is recorded by one person here, now, differs slightly from another person, in another place, at another point in time? Meaning the individual, as we currently take ourselves to be, is defined, maintained, and defended through the faintest of differing, superficial content of mind. And that which holds this belief, our particular content, in place is a universal foundation, or structure, of thought, which is entirely not individual, but collective and fundamentally the same in each of us. What are the implications of this and is it so?

Now, remember, most people brush such talk aside, calling it nonsense or simply intellectual gymnastics with no actual value or basis in the lives we lead together. Or, most likely, such talk frightens people, threatens their perceived security and they therefore reject it with anger or contempt. And if that is your feeling, or something of a similar nature, that is fine, no problem. For such an investigation as this only arises when an individual is truly interested in why they, or another, suffer, live with sorrow, in endless conflict, with tension, confusion, and misunderstanding clouding their days and nights. It is only with the awareness of individual conflict, sorrow, that the investigation into the nature and reality of self takes on a logical, healthy, and viable possibility in one´s life. For, as was stated yesterday, this investigation demands you give everything up, and receive nothing in reward, no heaven on earth, no nothing. It is an investigation into truth with nothing waiting at the end, and no end to the discovery, of that which is true. Are you willing? Not for me, not because you should, or you think it is right to do so, but because you see, for yourself, the beauty of such an inquiry. The beauty of truth.