Monday, July 6, 2009

What Am I Talking About?

The intention of this blog is to put to words, and therefore open up an avenue of communication, the importance of being aware of the movement of thought in our shared daily lives and how this movement effects the life and relationships one maintains. I know from my own life that reading another person's thoughts can, well, be just that, reading the passing thoughts of another. But I hope the interested reader can find more depth in what we are talking over together here. For the words written are an attempt to convey a powerfully active movement of thought in our shared consciousness as humans, and that is the movement of the 'me', the self. I am not sharing my thoughts on life, original or second-hand, but rather how life, itself, manifests, relates, and reacts to it's own creations, creating illusion and sorrow within the individual. I am not suggesting this is something only I am aware of, or some sort of individual belief one should conspire to conform too. No, rather to the contrary, I am suggesting that this movement is something each person can be effortlessly aware of on their own, within the confines of what they perceive to be their own, individual consciousness as a human being. It is a description, and nothing more, of how I experience the movement of thought and life, as pertaining to subtler forms of matter becoming solidified in the shared material world we've created together.

All thought is material. All that one can possibly be aware of is material. It may be subtler then one is accustomed to being aware of, but that is only do to the power of conditioning. For it is the conditioning of the mind, the brain, that seemingly blocks one from perceiving what is true, that which is subtlily taking place within the confines of consciousness each and every moment at hand.
This onditioned approach to perception must be put aside in order to proceed with such an inquiry into the nature of thought, for thought, being the outcome and response of conditioning, cannot be the tool one uses to investigate conditioning. It is only the relationship between subtler forms of matter and the human body/brain that we are interested in here, and how these relationships effect the life we all share together here on earth. It is my own experience that when there is effortless understanding, concerning the movement of thought and it's effect on the physical life of the body, there is space for meditation, a peace of mind, in which the blessing of that which has not been put together by thought is ever present and abiding. If you share the same interest, I hope you find the words shared here to be of value, and, in time, you add your intention to understand, to the fire that this practical and fundamentally humane inquiry into the nature and action of thought, has ignited here on earth.