Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Freedom Is Not.

What a world we live in. So much confusion, so much denial, so much overlooking of what is of intrinsic value. No time for one another, no time for reflection, no time for reality. Relationship has become such a petty affair. If you don´t accept one another´s utterly false view of life and the world around us you eventually find yourself alone, cast aside. Life has be reduced to one layer of illusion on top of another, with violence, aggression, and unhappiness waiting to jump up and secure one´s delusion whenever it is threatened.
In this world of ours, who is interested in freedom? Not the freedom to do this or that, or the freedom to be this or that, but total freedom from every form of delusion, compulsion, mechanical reactions of mind controlling your actions? Are you, or are you solely interested in fitting into some group or another, some culture, or subculture, some new fad or belief? Are you only interested in being comfortable, not disturbed, not bothered? Because in this world of ours not being bothered, being comfortable, ¨secure¨in oneself, means being, and maintaining, a delusional sense of self and perpetual sorrow. A self that conforms, a self that fits in, a self that is essentially a carbon copy of those you associate with, those you hold close to you. With only the faintest of superficial differences differentiating one from the other. And when you are challenged, even pushed a bit beyond what you deem comfortable, you become a miserable monster, a violent being, an insensitive movement of ignorance groping for your comfort once again. Who can deny this? It would seem that those who deny this are either free of all compulsion to protect and maintain a delusional sense of self, or simply protecting and maintaining your delusional sense of self, which you, of course, do not consider delusional at all. Of course, it makes no difference to me which or who you are, except for the fact that it is you and me and the other that make up this world we live in.
My only interest is speaking to, and with, individuals deeply interested in total and undeniable freedom. One will never come upon freedom, nor recognize it as such. This freedom is the living energy that springs into being with the absolute denial of all that is man-made, which implies all that is mind-made, is put effortlessly aside. And one can only put these things effortlessly aside when the nature of these things are clearly understood through one´s own direct perception. In other words, this freedom is never what you think it is, nor will thought bring you to this end, for the unconscious movement of thinking itself is the prison we find ourselves in.