Monday, August 10, 2009

Accumulation is the Movment of Becoming: Part 7.

So what is the relationship between accumulation and fulfillment? We have been going into the nature of the accumulating movement in order to understand how it functions and affects the life one lives. And although we are not finished with that investigation I would like to turn our attention to fulfillment, for it has a powerful influence on the individual, and the world we have created. And one would like to say that fulfillment, or rather the desire to fulfill, is the natural outcome of the accumulating movement of mind. In other words, there is not one without the other; they are intrinsically dependent upon each other.

One would also like to acknowledge that the accumulating movement, or rather the outcome of accumulating, is the creation of the past and the desire to fulfill, the creation of the future. Now, in several past posts we have been inquiring into the possibility of time being solely a creation of mind, a movement of mind, and so, although we have not outright said so, so may be space. Space, and therefore distance, may also, in fact, be purely a perceptual phenomena arising from, and due to, the accumulating movement of mind. And so as the accumulating movement operates, and accumulation builds, a past is born. The nature of this past is exactly the same as the nature of the accumulating movement, composed of time, thought, feeling, experience, knowledge, and all the rest of it, held in the brain as memory. And it is this past, born of accumulation, which seeks to fulfill itself, thus creating the space of the future.

And, of course, the nature of the future would be exactly the same as the nature of the past it arises from, which, as we’ve said, is the nature of the accumulating movement of mind. Therefore, the individual’s relationship to the present changes. With the accumulating movement operational, the present moment becomes the space for the past to become the future. The present becomes the space of becoming, which is the movement of accumulation as it relates to the physical circumstance of the body, and mind, in the world of recognition. The present becomes the space for the past to define itself, express it’s will, which is becoming other then it has been, and to physically and psychologically close the gap between past and future, changing becoming ‘that’, to being ‘that.’

So as I hope we can all begin to see, when the accumulating movement is operating, there is the creation of the future, which is where fulfillment will take place. And fulfillment is the movement of that which has been accumulated becoming that which it desires to become. Which, of course, sets in motion a powerful navigating force, attempting to control and direct the actions of the present moment in order to secure the meeting of it’s fulfillment waiting in the future. In other words, nature of the present moment, and therefore one’s relationship to the present moment, changes as the accumulating movement operates. We will examine this in more detail in a few days time.