Monday, August 17, 2009

The Inflexiblity of Mind.

Why are people so inflexible, psychologically speaking? If there is only one body, your physical body, which extends into more subtle domains yet is of the same, whole, functioning material process always, is it that just as your physical body has needs, urges, pain, growth, decay, and death that all other aspects do as well? Is it because you are easily aware of your body and its needs that the subtler aspects are not sensed, ignored, or not thought of as being real or significant?

If you do not use your physical body much, sitting around all day, it becomes brittle, inflexible, as it does as it grows older if not properly dealt with. And psychologically speaking, does not the same thing happen? Do people use their minds at all, so that it is pliable, flexible, and therefore incapable of being hurt, stuck, or deluded? Or do people prefer to live, psychologically speaking, completely immobile, stationary, unwilling or unable to adapt, change, grow, and move with ease? Now, we are not talking about people who like to think of themselves as easy-going, or adept at change. Nor all the self-improved people who endlessly work on the image of themselves. The pliability of such folk is so petty, superficial, and merely cosmetic as far as I am concerned. It seems to me that as long as one’s mind has taken root in itself and from there, firmly establish and maintain a center, an actor, thinker, doer, believer, that all action springs from, there is bound to be inflexibility, an inability to move with life and it’s challenges.

The resistance, or friction, created between the movement of life and the fixed center that acts upon life breeds every form of violence, conflict, misery, suffering, and sorrow know to mankind. Don’t all such ‘realities’ imply a center, a thing, a person, incapable of moving, holding ground, fixed, and therefore suffering the consequences of such a position? Can you see the tremendous beauty involved in the ability to watch one’s mind as it creates and maintains a center? The flowering of such a process goes far beyond the words used to try and describe it. The depth, the complexity, the beauty and life of this movement can only be observed by the one creating it moment to moment. Are you so inclined? Because as I see it today, the world over, there is talk of peace, talk of love, talk of an end to misery, both personal and collective, but without this unquenchable flame of understanding burning within you, all such talk and efforts come to the same end, meaninglessness.

Therefore, can one naturally, with ease and a sense of affection towards oneself, deny the so-called reality of a fixed center in one’s life and mind? Denial being the natural outcome of understanding that what one is currently taking to be true is, in fact, totally false. Of course, one cannot just agree or disagree. Nothing comes from saying, ‘I’ve read that before, I think it is true too.’ Like I’ve said, there is either that flame of understanding burning within you, or not. And so the question arises, where does that flame come from?