Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why Does The Mind Take Root?

(The posts on the movement of accumulation will continue on Monday, August 3rd.)

This morning, with the sun touching the tops of the lush green mountains, there was a silence the mind cannot define. The sound of innumerable insects awakening, the rain clouds welling up, slowly making there way into the valley, all of it was a movement without beginning or end. And yet none of this activity could possibly disturb the silence hanging heavily in the crisp morning air. It would seem that our minds, on the other hand, function almost entirely within the narrow confines of a beginning and an ending. All experience is clearly defined and differentiated through a beginning and an end. And the person I take myself to be is no exception, there is a beginning and there will be an end, with all the fragmented experience called ‘my life’ taking root in between.

It is within these narrow walls that the majesty of life is sentenced and confined to the pettiness of human endeavor. The glory of that hilltop does not exist for the one trapped in the prison of their own making. The silence, which penetrates the Earth, and all that lives there, goes unrecognized by the one pursuing their own end, and therefore reducing the unfathomable significance of life to the pursuit of pride, reputation, and status. For the individual absorbed in the makings of their own mind there are two worlds sharing this beautiful Earth. One is the world that man has put together and the other world, that which is eternally unfolding and utterly indifferent to the progress of man. There is the corruptible, and the incorruptible. It would seem that the mind have taken root in the first, in the world of it’s own creation, and having done so, is fixed in a relationship of constant resistance with the actuality of the other. The nature of such a relationship creates isolation and a fear that darkens the mind. Once fear has taken hold in the mind it renders the mind incapable of observing it’s own nature, and therefore incapable of understanding the ways of it’s own movement.

So, today, I am asking, why does the mind need to take root anywhere at all? Taking root in an opinion, perspective, conclusion, belief, nationality, race, ability, authority, and ultimately a self? For it is the taking root, the maintaining and building up of resistance, and the pursuit of securing the overall product of such efforts that reduces the mind, and the magnificence of life in general, to the petty affair we share and recognize today.