Thursday, October 8, 2009

Accumulation is the Movment of Becoming: A Prequel.

Every human being on Earth has a body and a brain. Therefore, we all share the accumulating movement of mind. In other words, the accumulating movement of mind is a collective movement, as well as being a genetically informed, individually based one. Our bodies may be different, our brains, given differing stimuli and circumstances, may behave differently, but the fact, the fundamental fact of the mind organizing itself through this accumulating movement is universal and completely shared by all.

One has to take a closer look at the accumulating movement itself to see the fundamental truth of such a statement. It really amazes me to reflect on how divided humanity is, how we have concentrated so much energy and attention on fundamentally impoverished distinctions. Distinctions only made possible through the grossest, and most superficial avenues of thoughtless thought and emotionless feeling. Starting from the ground up, so to speak, each of us is born into this life in a body, a tiny, defenseless body. This body fundamentally grows in much the same manner for each of us. Our brains develop, our senses sharpen, and our bones and muscles grow, when afforded the most basic of needs that is. We learn to speak, recognize ourselves and the objects and people around us, all the while seemingly growing into more and more independence.

And it is the content of our lives that shapes us, molds us, in its own image. This is, of course, the role of conditioning, both of external and internal causes, genetic, instinctual abilities and learned, external impressions. It is all of this content that lends form to the emerging individual. And one’s consciousness, that is, what one is conscious of, depends upon their content. If the content is not there, the consciousness of said content is not there as well. Consciousness and its content are a joint, dependent arising. This is one of the factors in why we perceive distinction and division, instead of commonality and universalism. Since the emerging individual is their content, since individuality is defined through the mind’s identification with one’s content, and consciousness, as we are presently using that word, is a dependent manifestation of one’s content our attention is always driven towards divisiveness, distinction, and separation, for content is always different.

However, when we speak of the accumulating movement of mind we are speaking of a mother-movement, a movement prior to, of a more fundamental nature then, the inevitable perception of division the movement itself creates. We are examining a universal movement, one that if you have a body and a functioning brain, you are actively participating in as you read these lines. And this movement spans bodies and brains, it is collective, universal, shared, which is what we imply when using the word mind. Mind is not yours or mine. We can distinguish between our physical bodies and the capacities of our brains but one cannot authentically draw such lines in the sand when it comes to the mind. At least not in the way we will be using that word. And just as one can draw such lines in regards to their abilities, talents, bodies, thoughts, and overall consciousness, one cannot draw such distinctions in regards to the accumulating movement of mind. The movement moves within us, between us, and as us, the world over.

And so when we approach the observation of this movement we do so without the superficial distinctions that rule our waking life. For instance, one is not observing in order to protect their interests, secure their beliefs, strengthen their inclinations, or further fortify their self-image. All such desire is born from the very content of the accumulating movement itself and therefore incapable of observing itself with impartiality, incapable of moving in any manner other than it’s nature, with all the consequences of such a movement. And, believe it or not, observation is a movement whose nature is different than that of accumulation. One cannot use the movement of accumulation to observe the movement of accumulation. Therefore, one must be clear as to what the movement of accumulation is, how it operates, and what it is made of so that it does not sneak into, interfere with, or otherwise influence one’s observation of itself. So what is the accumulating movement of mind?