Sunday, October 4, 2009

Freedom and Responsibility.

If there is to be freedom there must be a firm, yet natural, sense of responsibility, for freedom is a most dangerous thing. All sense of security one feels in this world today is derived from a lack of freedom, from the imprisonment of consciousness in delusional forms of mind, whether gross or subtle. One of the issues this brings up is how the mind, the human brain, and its capacity for memory, cannot and does not distinguish between actual and delusional, real or illusionary. The moment something is recorded in the brain, however it is recorded and of whatever nature it is, actual or delusional, it becomes part of a process, that once set in motion, and allowed to continue, creates an informed reality that the organism naturally takes to be real.

Therefore, each furthering action, thought, reaction, feeling, experience, or knowledge only adds to the complexity, and strength, of this unknowingly created reality that one now takes to be objectively actual. Let us clarify what we mean by actual and delusional. Actual, we are saying, is that which is, whatever it is, without the interference of one’s memory, including all the faculties memory sets in motion, i.e. the accumulating movement. And therefore delusional is that which is experienced, and perceived, by the individual while the accumulating movement is operational. The word real, in this instance, has the same meaning as actual, mainly that which objectively exists independent of one’s active involvement in making it so.

In one sense, whether actual or delusional, all that exists depends upon the existence of the physical sensing body. But for now, let us take the arising of the body, and all that is, to be the ground, with our current inquiry taking place within this landscape, where the body relates to all that exists. And we were saying that the relation of the physical body with all that is, including itself, can either be an actual relationship or a delusional one, having clearly defined actual and delusional already. And we are suggesting that in order for one to be able to discern between actual and delusional, within oneself, there must be freedom from the start, otherwise that which is inquiring, observing, investigating, may in fact be doing so from a purely delusional standpoint and therefore simply adding to, and strengthening, the accumulating movement, the animator of the hybrid ‘reality’ of delusion-actuality.

So what is freedom? We said in the beginning of the post that where there is freedom there must be responsibility, for freedom is a most dangerous thing. So what does it mean to be responsible? Let us play with this a bit, keeping in mind that our use of words in today’s world has become quite liberal. Many words, including responsibility, are commonly used in varying ways, creating versatility in spite of meaning through loosely defining differing situations with the same word. In today’s world of varying meanings, we are saying that to be responsible for something, or someone, would imply that one is totally in care of that thing. If something goes wrong it is the problem of the one responsible and no one else. In other words, the wellbeing of the person, place or thing lies solely in the hands of the one responsible for it’s wellbeing. Therefore, there is a certain independence intrinsic in responsibility, a wholeness to its nature, is there not?

This implies, that there is no outside authority as well, no one and nothing, other then the one responsible, to answer to or take orders from. So let us agree to say that responsibility is something like the ability to respond independently, and completely, to that which one is in care of without the need or demand for authorization from an outside source? So let us take some time to ponder the relationship between responsibility and freedom, and whether or not they are one in the same phenomena.